About Us

our london office of learned property professionals, consisting of architects, project managers, interior designer and surveyors was formed on an eight-month expedition down the west coast of africa and subsequent expedition to the South Pole where we designed and tested our first structures under extreme conditions. from these extremes the studio was founded in the year 2011 providing a platform for jon beswick to set out his vision of luxury residences and destinations: intimate, unique, comfortable and sophisticated.


no challenge is undertaken by an individual; even solo endeavours. we always work as a team of trusted professionals with every member crucially selected, we go one step beyond, forming strong industry ties through our teambuilding events. we leverage the unique skill sets of each to ensure our client’s summit success


challenging objectives always have evolving elements that cannot be foreseen and as such we position ourselves to react quickly to changes and new information. this is what sets apart success from failure


trust is essential when embarking on pioneering ventures. we earn trust through both building relationships during client expeditions and through demonstrable commitment, work ethic and a passion to translate a shared vision into reality


every client is provided with a creative Vision, a visual at the beginning of the project which realises/ develops or informs their brief moving forward. this is something which can be referred to as the project progresses, to anchor a scheme back to its heart


our project leaders are not only fully trained architects/ project managers but have scaled peaks, sailed oceans and successfully planned and executed their own personal missions. skills learned on this expeditions have only strengthened their approach and success rates within the office, helping us to deliver a project which exceeds your expectations


we will meticulously plan and strategise the best route to realise your vision, from submitting multiple planning applications to bringing in the right consultants. we fight for every additional square foot and help to maximise every inch of your property

Our Culture

we aim to attract and build the best team by developing the values that we aim to provide for our clients. we believe the little details are important, which is why we offer; monday morning meetings - bacon sarnies on fridays - weekly design reviews - monthly office trips around London - annual summer trip - project bonuses - personal and professional training - sabbaticals to encourage personal adventures. if you are interested in joining our team, please contact us at info@adventureinarchitecture.co.uk