Adventure In Architecture takes a personal approach to each project. we treat every client as a team member, helping you to achieve your dream with our support. success is achieved through engaging a strong team and we go one step beyond by strengthening industry ties through designing and delivering unique adventures. from offering client expeditions and events each year to our own personal expeditions, we make the entire experience a fun and rewarding adventure for all involved

Previous Client Expeditions

jon is always available to our clients as a proven leader in often stressful and difficult situations. as a yachtmaster, mountain guide, pilot and rescue diver, jon has led expeditions all around the world including iraq, africa, south america, asia in addition to climbs in europe and the uk. good client relationships are essential in delivering a successful project. as a company, we organise client trips each year - previous client expeditions include a marathon in north korea with the bear grylls fitness team and climbing the highest mountain in kosovo

Upcoming Client Expeditions

forthcoming client expeditions include an adventure to the 'doorway to hell' in turkmenistan as well as climbing mount elbrus in russia; the highest mountain in europe. to be considered on an expedition please register your interest to one of our team

as part of our training for climbing mount elbrus, we hosted a training weekend in snowdon, climbing via the razor edge crib goch

Previous Client Event - Penny Farthing To Propski

in jan 2017, jon cycled 720 miles to propski on a penny farthing with nico cary of sportslobster. averaging over 100 miles per day, the pair arrived triumphant if not a little saddle sore

Previous Client Event - Tube In Tignes

in jan 2017, we sponsored a downhill tubing race in propski - a ski trip for property professionals to meet, compete and network with their peers. the event provided a fun alternative to the fast paced downhill slalom events reserved for serious skiers

Upcoming Client Event - Tug of War on Brambles Bank

quintessentially english madness on a beautiful summer's evening, played each year in conditions most generously described as 'moist' the bramble bank is exposed at low tide and renowned for the annual cricket match held there, summer 2017 we will be entering a team to compete in the tug Of war against the navy

Previous Client Event - Axe Throwing

we hosted JLL's building consultancy team in an evening of axe throwing which proved to be more challenging than expected and a lot of fun.

Previous Client Event - Curling

our client christmas party in 2016 was curling at the sliders club. an evening of cocktails and curling was a fun alternative to the usual christmas drinks

as part of our training for elbrus, we took the team ice climbing to test out crampon and ice axe skills at vertical chill.

we hosted a weekend of the tall ship 'queen galadriel' with clients and industry friends in august 2017

Our Adventures - Flying For Heroes

we were privileged to help explore, design and deliver 'flying for heroes', a program that taught injured servicemen to fly para trikes culminating in an expedition flying across the rift valley in kenya

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Our Adventures

in 2012, jon retraced captain scott's expedition to the south pole for the 100 year anniversary - celebrating the achievement with the first game of cricket at the south pole

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