8 Things your architect should do for you

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- 09 November 2018



Your architect is there to give you a clear vision for your project informed by your brief, budget and any planning or statutory restraints. This might take the form of sketch plans, visuals, precedent images or site constraints. This is crucial to driving the project forward and illustrating the end goals to the team. At Adventure In Architectureº we work to hard to present at least two options with one of these always aimed at thinking outside of the box to get the most out of your project. Your preferred option becomes the vision, which is developed to drive the project forwards from this point.


We believe every client should be the most important member of the team and it’s our duty to build the team around you. It is essential that architects recommend trusted, experienced consultants to deliver your project that you enjoy working collaboratively with.


You might think that you know exactly what you want from your project, but an architect is trained to find solutions that compliment your lifestyle or business requirements. We believe that we need to adapt and evolve our concepts to meet our client’s objectives.


Developing a project is not just about submitting a planning application. It should consider how you want to procure your project, your programme requirements and budget considerations. No one route is right for every project so let us gather information then guide you through the options you have available.


The client always wants to achieve the best possible quality and finish even on a low budget. Adventure in Architectureº have years of experience in knowing where to spend money and where not to. We concentrate on the details to create a flawless finish.


Finding a good contractor is critical to your project but equally important is finding a good project manager/ contract administrator. As architects we are able to act as both to ensure your project is built to the quality, price and timings you require.


Completing your project requires determination and commitment from all members of your team. We want to help you right through to completion to ensure the final inspections are completed and certificated issued. We will embrace any challenges with you and be with you every step.


Seeing your expectations fulfilled and appreciating your final project can be satisfying, but you should also enjoy the process. We want to create a journey as fun as it is rewarding.

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