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Is Co-Living the future of cities?


- 25 April 2018


Conventional floorplans over the last few decades have become more questionable as our lifestyles are much different from those before. Working at home is more common, yet the idea of buying a home is sometimes a distant pipedream. This being said, studies show that young professionals today value experience over possessions; they cherish being part of like minded communities. This has created the opportunity to create dense communities in central locations with high yields through co-living developments.

Adventure in Architecture° have noticed a growing trend between owner and occupant. Co-living appeals for both the developer and the inhabitant as it is an affordable way to live in central London while still having the amenities of a well designed home. A high density of units can be achieved with good yields whilst still providing an appealing home with benefits of shared lounges and communal areas.

Typically, we spend approximately 9 hours in the bedroom, most of this asleep, while sometimes as little as 45 minutes per day in the living room or kitchen. Market value of the real estate price is often indicative of the living space as opposed to the bedrooms. Co-living optimises these ratios and creates a real estate opportunity by providing shared spaces such as cine- ma rooms, event spaces, gyms, large communal kitchens and dining rooms which are often designed to a high level to create a ‘Soho House’ private members club feel. Adventure In Architecture° have been approached to design assault courses to feature within communal leisure spaces, as well as integrated work spaces and lounges.

Studies show that co-living sites are particularly popular with single people under 35. In a serendipitous turn of events, residents of U+I and The Collective have met and since married. Living in cities can be a lonely place with little connection to our neighbours - co- living seeks to overcome this.

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