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Example of bespoke joinery and furniture available for our clients

Redevelopment of Belgravia townhouse

A fully furnish Mews house in Chelsea with a 5 star hotel finish

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All Architects are the same... Aren't They?


- 20 August 2018


Fees and services vary hugely from architect to architect but the important question is to ask why? Services can range from a basic drafting package right through to a completely bespoke service offering a turn key product. This might include planning, architecture, interior design and project management providing a luxurious finished product complete with fixtures and fittings down to drawers full of cutlery, flowers on the table and hot tea in the pot! When comparing quotes, it is important to understand what you require and ensure that you are comparing like for like – one architect may be far cheaper but do you want simple plans of a premium design and build service?

Aside from price, another important factor to consider is experience as architects vary from newbies to global experts. We provide you an experienced architect who acts as your project leader. They are then supported from directors above and a design team set up to work on your specific sector, providing you with both experience and range of expertise.

Thirdly consider if you get on with and trust your architect. Given that the building process can be stressful and long (particularly during the construction phase) it is helpful to choose someone who you can build a good relationship with. Adventure in Architecture° believe that journey should be as fun as it is rewarding. We want you to enjoy the process as much as the final product! 

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