Temporary Shelter in Africa for Community Vaccinations

Shelter created for South Pole Expedition

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Celebrating Temporary Spaces


- 16 April 2018


London has become a flurry of food trucks and temporary venues. The rise of the pop-up gives us access to more experiences than ever before and transforms unutilized urban spaces such as station forecourts, forgotten streets and dumping grounds that enrich the community.

What might be viewed as hipster food festivals and supper clubs, eateries like Shoreditch’s Dine-a-Rama are an entertaining and inexpensive way to offer public space for young emerging architectural practices. Designers have been given a platform to suggest how we can work, live or play more harmoniously.

Without a sense of commitment, The Vaults of Waterloo can become a theatre, or Berwick Street can turn from an empty street into a bustling carnival of street food. Artists are beginning to challenge the notion of permanence through installations and even graffiti.

Mercato Metropolitano in Elephant in Castle is an excellent example of a successful temporary space that has grown over time to inhabit a large site along Newington Causeway. Pop Up food stalls, live music, a secret cinema and soon to arrive Immersive Theatre Experience which Adventure In Architecture° are helping to design, create a thriving popular venue within old industrial spaces.

These temporary spaces are a means of welcoming collaboration without a sense of commitment reflecting the changing, fast paced and mobile lifestyle of the workforce and community.

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