F45 Cowcross Street

Bear Grylls Fitness, Croydon

F45 Cowcross Street

1Rebel Spin Bus

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Fit for Design


- 16 April 2018


As a time poor society where the negative effects of stress are becoming more well known, we increasingly value our mental health along with our physical well being. This is reflected in the creativity of design being used in fitness industry to enable exercise to become a positive experience.

We no longer want clinical boxes filled with gym equipment. Instead we crave dynamic spaces and activities to supply our fitness demands, making the process both fun and a better reflection of our varied lifestyles.

James Balfour, CEO of 1 Rebel;

‘We want our members to live our brand, providing space for them to socialise as well as train. The whole experience is designed to Improve their lifestyle’

Having worked with Bear Grylls to create his ultimate training destination, we are acutely aware that the end product needs to reflect the aspirations of the user, thus creating a destination and community that compliments a lifestyle.

If you’re a climber... train, learn and hang out in a climbing centre with like minded people, if you’re an urban cyclist... enjoy a live DJ in a spin class, adventure runner, OCR enthusiast or adventure seeker... monkey bar your way around Bear Grylls Fitness. 

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