What is the future of London’s Railway arches?

Lifestyle Developments

- 10 December 2018


Network Rail own around 4,500 railway arches across the country. With two thirds of these located in the capital, they are becoming an exciting trend for development in the dense city of London. This revival is transforming these curved structures into restaurants, coffee shops, galleries, car washes and even immersive theaters. So, what is it that makes them desirable to so many different types of business?

Firstly, railway arches are relatively affordable, but there are other factors that bring advantages to tenants. Adaptable interiors and large doorways not only make arches inviting to passing people but also allow business owners to be creative and to experiment with spaces. The historic brickwork gives character to these new venues and is fitting for the current trend of repurposing industrial spaces.

Coinciding with this, we have been designing gyms across London where the industrial aesthetic and spacious vaults make a perfect venue for working out. F45 is the world’s fastest growing functional training network, and Adventure in Architecture° is proud to be involved in the design of a number of their locations including Farrington, Battersea, Hammersmith and the latest – Vauxhall. Working from initial designs through to gaining Planning and Freeholder’s Consent, we continue to help implement F45 vision and expand their franchise.

The revival of theses railway arches will continue to grow offering new opportunities for enterprises in the heart of London.

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