Kitchen space with pocket doors fully open to garden.

View of wine joinery from basement.

Steel stair detail.

View at night of accoya clad extension.

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Family Home in Croydon Completed


- 06 September 2016


Birdhurst is a family home in South East London which required additional entertaining space for the owners. The house features a large garden, which was poorly connected to the interior spaces – the separated nature of which was restrictive to the occupants way of life.  The ground floor was completely redesigned to include a flexible kitchen, living and dining area which opens out onto the garden. Long site lines allow views through the entire property and into the garden which enable the owners to keep a watchful eye on their young children. An accoya extension to the rear which houses a show piece kitchen, will be left to weather naturally and match the pale grey flooring. In summer with the pocket sliding doors completely open, the interior and exterior spaces will merge seamlessly. 

Accoya was chosen for the extension because of its aesthetic and sustainability properties. It has a life span of at least 50 years, higher insulative properties compared to other softwoods and hardwoods and has a lower carbon footprint than most materials.

The main challenge of this project was to provide access to the existing basement from the new open plan entertaining space whilst creating an element of interest. Our solution - a feature two storey wine rack with integrated stairs that forms part of the structure to support the rear of a large house with basement below. The basement itself was not enlarged in terms of footprint, but excavated to create a more usable space for the inhabitants.

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